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What You Need to Know to properly Evaluate & Compare Indoor Playground Suppliers Quotes

Part 3 - The type of partnership offered

Now that we have clearly compared the quotes on safety and play ability level, let's focus on the type of partnership offered in each offer. In which mindset should you approach this part of your analysis?

One answer: LONG-TERM VALUE for your business!

Do NOT think short-term

Watch out! Don't make the mistake to think this is a punctual decision within your project, even if it's one with a bigger price tag on. This decision WILL influence your business for the long-term, because the reality is that you're not only looking for someone who can supply indoor play structures. You're looking for a partner, and a long-term one.

So how do you figure it out? Here are few basic but essential questions:

After-sales: Do they really "walk the talk"? Most indoor playground manufacturers will promise "top-notch" after-sales service during the warranty period. Is it true? The easy way is to find out 2 or 3 recent projects still the warranty period (don't ask directly, they will never point you to someone they had an issue with - check their news feed or Facebook page) then call the people, explain your situation and ask for their opinion on after-sales.

Maintenance: Does the supplier offer maintenance and cleaning services? At a reasonable cost? Of a good quality? Once again, you can just search for older projects out of warranty period and ask the FEC owners about their experience.

Is the manufacturer also a supplier of play equipment and do they have a big stock available? Even if the products are of great quality, by the nature of the activity, they are submitted to intensive use and in the long run, emergency repairs can be required. Has your partner supplier a sufficient stock available of play equipment to answer these situations and keep your playground operational? Of course, this is linked with the previous point about maintenance services. A good maintenance contract will minimize the risks of emergency repairs. But also if the manufacturer is a big supplier, they can get special attention of their own suppliers in some situations. Let take an example - the company producing the protective foams dressing the steel skeleton of your play structure got bought out by a bigger player. And they are now changing the colors produced to match their production line. If your supplier is important enough, they can get arrange special production to have your needed colors available for future maintenance or repairs. That can be the difference between replacing a small portion on the play structure or an entire side of it. Savings, saving!

Is the manufacturer a pioneer in the industry? Do they develop new play attractions popular that become standards? You might be wondering "why is that important". Let's think long-term again. Your playground has been open for a while, is doing well but you're noticing that the "buzz" about your place is going down. Wouldn't be easier to be able to check your partner portfolio to see if any new exciting attractions, in your budget, are available? You know the people; you know the quality, have a maintenance contract, etc... Once again that could mean saving money.

Is the manufacturer keeping on advising you after the sales and a great source of information on the industry? Once the contract is signed, will this supplier, your long-term partner be of any help to get new ideas of popular activities, get information of marketing strategies which works, has a network or a community that will be beneficial for you to be part of for the growth and success of your enterprise.

Congratulations! You made it. You have now a truly clear comparison on the various indoor playground equipment (sarahamill277.wapamp.com) playgrounds offers you have received. Time to make now an educated choice with which you can feel great not only now but for the years to come.

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